Canadian winters are unrelenting and unavoidable; fortunately, some attachments can be utilized to make navigating this season easier. Snow blowers are crucial in clearing the driveway; and yard. Tractors are a piece of machinery that farm owners are guaranteed to have and by attaching a three-point hitch or a loader-mounted snow blower you convert your tractor into the most efficient snow removal apparatus that is innovative and cost-effective!

OTS Auto Electric is here to make snow removal sessions simple and easy. Check out our guide on how to transform your tractor into a snow blower for faster snow removal this winter.

Add A Snow blower Attachment

A snow blower attachment is a perfect addition to a tractor to make it an effective snow clearing appliance. Removing snow from your driveway and walkways will take minimal effort and very little time, as this attachment is equipped to handle and remove large loads of snow and operate optimally in freezing temperatures. After purchasing and installing the snow blower attachment to the tractor, all that you need to do is start the tractor and get to work on clearing the snow.

Invest In A Snow Cab

When the temperatures drop significantly low, sitting on your tractor without any barrier from the harsh winds and cold will become unbearable. Prepare for this by investing in a snow cab to place on your tractor, which protects from berating winds and other winter conditions to allow you to clean snow with ease. Even if your snow removal process is quite short, without a snow cab to protect you from the weather, you can find yourself stuck plowing or blowing snow for a much longer period.

Install Tire Chains

During a heavy snowfall, the tires on your tractor may get stuck in the snow or slide on the ice. When removing snow on slippery narrow roads or steep terrain, place tie chains on your tractor’s tires to give it more traction and stability on the roads and uneven surfaces. If your tractor has rear-wheel drive installing tire chains in snowy conditions will help to maintain control, stability, and help to avoid getting stuck in the snow. This allows the tractor to operate at optimal performance and keep you safe during snow removal.

Use A Plow Blade Attachment

Instead of throwing and blowing the snow away, your tractor can also be used to push it away. Invest in a snowplow blade to attach to the tractor to help effectively clear your driveways and walkways from snow. Snowplow blades can get closer to the pavement than other attachments to clear snow with ease.

OTS Auto Electric carries a wide variety of high-quality, affordable tractors, snow blowers and snow blades. Our tractors will help combat winter weather with the right attachments to make snow removal far easier for you. Browse through our inventory to check out our compact tractors for sale and find which is best for you.