Tractor Attachments

At O.T.S Auto Electric, we have the hitch tractor attachments, implements and accessories that you need to equip your tractor. You will notice a significant increase in productivity when using our accessories and equipment. With such a wide variety of attachments to choose from at reasonable prices, you never have to be without a tool that you need. Finding the right accessories for your job does not have to be complicated. Click the links below to shop our inventory or call us if you need help picking an attachment.

We currently stock:

  1. Topper Mowers
  2. Rotary Cutters
  3. Flail Mowers
  4. Flail Shredders
  5. Finishing Mowers
  6. ATV Mowers
  7. Flail Collectors
  8. Rotary Tillers
  9. Post Hole Diggers & Augers
  10. Road Sweepers
  11. Wood Chippers
  12. Commercial Duty Mowers
  13. Finishing Mower EM90

O.T.S Auto Electric has been a part of the international agricultural trade for more than 30 years now. Our experience means we have the necessary skills needed to build durable tractors of the highest quality. Browse our extensive selection of attachments for your tractor or contact us if you have any questions. Look no further than O.T.S Auto Electric for great value and high performance. Our experienced professionals will ensure you get the parts you need to get the job done.

tractor attachments