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Check out our line up of Quality Heavy Duty Mowers, Rototillers, Wood Chippers, Augers, Snowblowers, Land Level, Graders, Bale Grabber, Pallet Forks and Sweepers.

O.T.S Auto Electric, stocks three point hitch tractor attachments, implements and accessories that you need to get the job done.. You will notice a significant increase in productivity when using our attachments. With such a wide variety of attachments to choose from at reasonable prices, you never have to be without a tractor attachment that you need. Finding the right attachment for your job does not have to be complicated. Click the links below to shop our inventory or call us if you need help picking an attachment.

We are the Western Canadian Authorized Distributor for Mateng Attachments

O.T.S Auto Electric has been a part of the international agricultural trade for more than 30 years now. Browse our extensive selection of attachments for your tractor or contact us if you have any questions. Look no further than O.T.S Auto Electric for great value and high performance. Our experienced professionals will ensure you get the parts you need to get the job done.

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Post Hole Diggers and Augers

These post hole diggers come in various sizes

starting at $1163

Augers starting at $274

 tractor attachments

Grader TBS

Land Level

The Northwinds Land Level is easy to install and use. This pull-behind level connects to your three-point hitch and comes in several widths. Perfect for driveway maintenance and landscaping. A perfectly smooth finish no matter the operator’s skill level.

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We currently stock two versions of the UFO mower. The UFO is designed to move vertically and horizontally allowing the UFO disc to move around posts, trees or other object in it’s path. It increases the width of the mowing by 2 feet.

Starting at $1792.00 (for the UFO DISC 650) the UFO is a great addition to your lawn care family.

Call for more information: 780-955-8805

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Verge or Boom Shredder

These versatile mowers are perfect for mowing on the flat, but really shine when mowing ditches and banks. They are also capable of mowing down small trees. Shredder mowers mow grass as well as a finishing mower. The three rows of cutting blades scoop up the grass and cut it.

These mowers start at $2810.00. Call us for a quote today. 780-955-8805

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FCH Flail Collector

The FCH Flail Collector combines the technology and mulching of the flail mower with a an attached all in one collector. When the collector is full, simply drive to where you want to dump the collector. Open the door of the collector and the collector empties on its own. No need to get off the tractor. Perfect for tractors in the 28HP to 60HP range

Priced at $2725.00

 tractor attachments Edmonton

Rough Cut Mower

The DSN line of mowers are suited for cutting grass, small trees and light scrub. The mowers come in 4 foot, 5 foot 3 inch and 7 foot cutting widths.

Starting price is $1310.00

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Flail Mowers

O.T.S. Auto Electric carries two styles of conventional Flail Mowers. These mowers are great for mowing grass and small trees. With three staggered rows of cutting teeth, not a blade of grass is missed. Great for Tractors in the 15HP to 55 HP range.

Starting price is $1322.00

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Topper Mowers

The TM line of mowers are great for mowing large tracks of grass. These mowers come in 5 and 6 foot widths.

Starting price is $1973.00

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Finishing Mower

The GLFM mowers feature a lower profile, side shift for easy maneuverability under and raround obstacles. Features include 6 pivoting mower blades, 3 point Cat I, front swivel wheels and hydraulic side shift.

Starting price is $2204.00

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The FM series of finishing mowers are perfect for mowing lawns and large tracks of grass. With options for rear or side discharge your property will look fantastic with relative ease on your part.

Priced at $1664.00

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O.T.S. Auto Electric carries two brands of rototillers.

Starting at $2400 give us a call to find the right rototiller for your job.

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Three point hitch snow blowers are available in 4 widths
130cm, 160cm, 180cm, 210cm
Requires 540 PTO
Electric gear reduction chute motor with a remote switch
1 year warranty

Loader mount snow blowers available in 3 widths
160cm, 180cm, 210cm
Electric gear reduction chute motor with remote switch
Kit includes 540 PTO pump, tank and hoses
We service what we sell. Auction companies and wholesale outlets do not.
Pricing starting at $2240.00

Road Sweeper with Removable Collector

This road sweeper has multiple uses and with the collector not a thing is left behind.

Whether you are cleaning driveways, leaves of your lawn and even light snow this unit is a must have to keeping your place picture perfect.

Priced at $2654 for the 78.75 “ wide and $2856 for the 86.61” wide

Check below for the optional attachment and operating features and be sure to watch the video!

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Wood Chippers

O.T.S. Auto Electric stocks two sized of wood chippers, suitable for tractors in the 20HP – 100HP

The Brawn 100s can chip branches up to 4” in diameter and is priced at $1880

The Brawn 160 can chip branches up to 6” in diameter and is priced at $3800

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