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O.T.S Auto Electric, stocks three point hitch tractor attachments, implements and accessories that you need to get the job done.

With such a wide variety of attachments to choose from at reasonable prices, you never have to be without a tractor attachment that you need.

Finding the right attachment for your job does not have to be complicated.

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We stand behind our attachments, and are licensed under the Alberta Farm Implements Act.

All attachments come with a one year warranty from defects.

Browse our extensive selection of attachments for your tractor or contact us if you have any questions. Look no further than O.T.S Auto Electric for great value and high performance.

Our experienced professionals will ensure you get the correct model of attachment you need to match the tractor hp and the work you need to do.

tractor attachments

Post Hole Digger and Auger

These post hole diggers come in various sizes

Tractor HP 25-40 HP 35-65 HP 40-100 HP
3 Point linkage CAT I CAT I & II CAT I & II
Length 5’9” 5’9” 5’9”
Width 2’8” 2’8” 2’8”
Weight 430 lb 475 lb 563 lb
Boom size 3’3” x 3’3” 3’3” x 3’3” 3’11” x 3’ 11”
Gear Box 35 HP 50 HP 80 HP


MODEL A-6 A-8 A-12 A-16
Height 4’3” 4’3” 4’3” 4’3”
Diameter 6” 8” 12” 15”
Weight 42 lb 49 lb 75 lb 110 lb
 tractor attachments

Front Mount Grader


– Triple cutting edge design is the best in the industry.
– Two forward facing edges and one rear facing.
– Compact and move material in forward. Skim and cover skid steer tracks in reverse.
– Fixed pitch design allows you to cut through tough material.
– Bucket stops allow you to transport your bucket on top of the Grader.
– Universal skid steer style hook up.

Model TBS-7
Grading Width 83”
Cutting Edge Width from Front 15”-35”-46”
Overall Width 87”
Overall Length 63”
Weight 763 lbs
 tractor attachments
 tractor attachments

Land Leveler

The Northwinds Land Level is easy to install and use. This pull-behind level connects to your three-point hitch and comes in several widths. Perfect for driveway maintenance and landscaping. A perfectly smooth finish no matter the operator’s skill level.

Model TLL8
Working Width 239cm 7’10”
Overall Width 250cm 8’2”
 tractor attachments
 tractor attachments



Optional packer roller for seed beds are available


Three point hitch snow blowers are available in 4 widths
130cm, 160cm, 180cm, 210cm
Requires 540 PTO
Electric gear reduction chute motor with a remote switch
1 year warranty

Loader mount snow blowers available in 3 widths
160cm, 180cm, 210cm
Electric gear reduction chute motor with remote switch
Kit includes 540 PTO pump, tank and hoses
We service what we sell. Auction companies and wholesale outlets do not.

Road Sweeper with Removable Collector

This road sweeper has multiple uses and with the collector not a thing is left behind.

Whether you are cleaning driveways, leaves of your lawn and even light snow this unit is a must have to keeping your place picture perfect.

Check below for the optional attachment and operating features and be sure to watch the video!

 tractor attachments

Wood Chippers

Model: BX42S

 tractor attachments
 tractor attachments

Model: BX62RD

 tractor attachments
 tractor attachments

Box Blade

The Northwind box blade is equipped with 7 metal ripper teeth to scarify the ground from 3.5cm to 12.5cm deep. The box design allows even distribution of material across the surface you are working on.

Model RBB-7
Working Width 210cm 6’10”
Digging Depth 35-125mm 1.4-4.9”
Ripper teeth 6
Weight 350kg/772 lb
Tractor HP 25-50hp

V Snow Blade

Snow Blade Popular V shape

Independent Adjustable Blades

Available in

6 Foot $1975.00

7 Foot $2025.00

7.5 Foot $2060.00

8 Foot $2115.00

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