Without purchasing the right attachments, plain tractors are essentially just another road vehicle you can drive around your property. To get the most out of your tractor, consider looking into six of the most popular tractor implements on the market.

Front Loader

The most common attachment, the front loader is often seen attached to the tractor by itself or combined with another implement. This is probably the most important attachment for most users, as it can be used to move around large amounts of material and transfer it to the necessary area. The front loader attachment can also be used to shovel snow.

Pallet Fork

This is a versatile piece of farming machinery that can be attached to a front loader. The pallet fork is best used to move oversized hauls like hay bales, other pieces of equipment and boxed farming products. It also has many industrial uses as well.

Rear Blade

This attachment is pretty simple, designed mainly for levelling and grading soil for gravel driveways. As well, the rear blade can be used for pushing or spreading driveway materials like soil and gravel. The rear blade is attached to the back of the tractor using a three-point hitch. It can also be used while driving the tractor backwards and forwards.


Landplanes are unpowered tractor attachments that are used to level the ground. It utilizes two parallel blades that cut through the ground at shallow depths. Set horizontally to work together, some landplanes have additional scarifiers to churn the ground more aggressively. Landplanes can be attached by way of the three-point hitch system.

Rotary Cutter

Typically attached to the bottom of a tractor, rotary cutters sit between the front and rear axles. This attachment can also be placed at the rear or front of the tractor. Rotary cutters are ideal for trimming grass down to an inch in height as well as maintaining the growth of your farmland. However, it’s also effective in cutting down tall grass, weeds and shrubs.


Designed to scatter lime, salt, compost, fertilizer or wood chips across the ground, the spreader attachment can either be ground-driven or PTO (power take-off) driven. The ground-driven option uses a mechanical arrangement that takes power from the wheel movement as the spreader is pulled from the tractor. On the other hand, PTO driven options take its power from its link to the PTO shaft.

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