Tractors have gone through several revolutionary changes over the last century or so, with improvements that could only be imagined at one point. Gone are the days of using a horse and plow, now replaced with high-quality farming machinery that can get the job done in little to no time at all. With tractors come a wide selection of attachments for added job efficiency. Here are just a few of the must-have tractor attachments you should consider for your next job.

Brush Hog

If you need to cut down a field full of grass and weeds, then you won’t find a better farm machinery accessory than a brush hog. With blades powered by the tractor itself, a brush hog looks similar to a large lawnmower. Not only can you use a brush hog to effectively cut down hay and high grass, but it can also handle small bushes with ease.


A large, metal frame houses several disks that are anywhere from 14 to 16 inches in diameter. Those disks are mounted to the bottom of the frame. With weights applied to help the disks dig into the landscape, the attachment can now successfully break the ground apart wherever necessary. When taken apart, the disks can also be used to make garden rows.

Middle Buster

Commonly referred to as a plow, a middle buster is used after the landscape has been cut down by the brush hog. The soil is then broken up using a disk before the middle buster gets to work. It is used to open up the ground to make room for rows of seeds to be planted. The ground is now prepared for the row maker to do its job.


When you need to move oversized objects like tree limbs, fallen trees and larger rocks, nothing works better than a grapple attachment. By hand, it would take someone days to move a stack of tree limbs from one area to another, something a grapple will only take hours to do.


Typically called front end loaders, these tractor buckets are mounted to the back of the vehicle. There are both hydraulic and non-hydraulic front end loaders. Buckets power by hydraulics can be mounted to the front or back of the tractor. Non-hydraulically power buckets typically work using a three-point hitch. These are designed to pick up mounds of dirt before dumping it elsewhere.

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