A compact tractor is the perfect piece of equipment to get multiple jobs done. They are more useful than your average lawnmower and can help with many tasks. The following are the most popular compact tractor uses to provide you with a better idea:

  1. Mowing your grass will become a lot easier with a compact tractor. Whether you need to mow your front lawn, a very large yard, or a pasture or paddock, a tractor will help complete this task fast and if you use a tractor that has a flail mower, the job will be even easier. Rough patches that lawnmowers cannot handle will no longer be a problem because a compact tractor will be able to mow these areas and leave your lawn both smooth and tidy.
  2. Lifting and moving will no longer be a dreaded task because the front loader attachment of a tractor can help you move items around easily. Through the tractors hydraulic system, the front loader can pick up, lift and move all sorts of materials and items around for you. With the addition of pallet forks, your tractor can lift up to 2478 lbs depending on the model.
  3. Digging holes can be done quickly and easily with the backhoe or post pole auger, which can be used to dig out pits, ditches and trenches. Whether you’re planting a tree or putting up a fence, your compact tractor can help you dig the right sized holes.
  4. The winter season will be a little more tolerable thanks to your compact tractor. By adding a snowblower to the three point hitch or the loader on your compact tractor you can clear your driveways and yard from the comfort of your environmentally controlled cab.
  5. Gardening in the warmer months will also be a lot easier as your compact tractor can help you prepare and plant. Whether you want a flower garden, vegetable garden or any other type of plot, a tiller attachment on your compact tractor will help you start the process, after which you can attach a spreader to seed and fertilize the area. Your compact tractor will help you achieve a beautiful garden in no time.
  6. A compact tractor can be used for haying and feeding livestock. Depending on the model you can run a mower conditioner and a square baler. Some of the larger models can lift round bales.

These are just a few of the most popular uses of a compact tractor and there are many more. OTS Auto Electric can help with determining which tractor would be best for your farming needs.

They have a great selection of compact tractors for sale, so if you’re in the Edmonton area and need assistance with compact tractors and attachments, including mowers and snowblowers, contact OTS Auto Electric today!