When it comes to eliminating standing water from areas such as your basement, it can be frustrating enough. But add debris to the equation, and you will find yourself at your wit’s end. Water mixed with debris is even harder to clear and especially when it comes to areas of your home that you want to live in, the job at hand is even more complex. In this season when many provinces in Canada are experiencing high rainfall, flooding, especially if your basement is in a low-lying area, is quite common.

Although the water in itself is also a headache, it makes matters worse if the water in your basement also has mulch and other surrounding natural debris in it. To get rid of such water deposition, one needs to invest in a specialized pump that not only handles water but also takes care of the muck and garbage that is mixed with the water. At this point, a trash pump comes into the picture. A trash pump helps to not only eliminate water but also takes care of the debris that the water is mixed with. Choosing the right kind of trash pump is extremely critical to ‘operation water elimination.’ Here are the various types of trash pumps available and their features.

Semi-Trash Pump

A semi-trash pump, as the name indicates, is a pump that can handle water combined with small debris. Small debris like sand, mud or even smaller garbage particles can be eliminated using a semi-trash pump. Semi-trash pumps cannot handle larger items but can very efficiently remove mud, dust or sand combined with water. Any items less than 5/8 of an inch can pass through a semi-trash pump. When using a semi-trash pump, make sure to use a hose with a strainer so that the hose doesn’t get clogged due to the mud, sand or garbage debris. A strainer also functions in separating debris that is too big for the pump to handle.

Trash pump

A trash pump is meant to get rid of larger items like stones, pebbles, big leaves, twigs or garbage combined with water. It consists of larger impeller veins and pump’s housing making it easy to let larger particles pass through. Although the pump does not grind these bigger pieces, it easily lets them pass through. Experts suggest using a strainer in the hose for trash pumps too. In case the hose gets clogged, you can still open it up manually and remove any unsuitably sized items. Before cleaning, make sure to switch off the power supply and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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