Maintaining farm equipment has become much easier than before. With several anti-rust products, careful manufacturing techniques and several ready to use care kits, one can maintain farm machinery quite well. Keeping your machinery rust free and clean is a must when you want to prolong its life. Here are some top tips to prevent your farm equipment from rusting.

Cleaning after each use

Farming equipment is at a high risk of being exposed to dirt, dust, oil or crop residue. All these elements can be corrosive, especially when they come in contact with the equipment’s oil and grease. In addition, rainfall and snow can further damage the equipment. It is recommended that farming equipment must be washed down with water after each use. Get rid of any dirt, dust and soil deposits on the surface of the equipment to keep it clean and rust free.


Prolonged exposure to weather elements such as wind, rain, heat and snow can actually damage the surface of your farm equipment, especially if it is metallic. Your farm equipment is much more prone to rust and damage if stored on the outside, without a proper covering. Make sure to store it in a covered shed away from direct rain and sunlight. In addition, avoid keeping your machinery parked in dirty places or marshy spots for an extended time.

Wash off chemicals

It is possible that you may use certain farm equipment to spray chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides or pesticides. After use, make sure to clean the equipment with a proper cleaning agent. Many chemicals can be simply cleaned by water but many others need special chemicals to be sprayed on them for proper and detailed cleaning. Remember to wash off the chemicals from the equipment as soon as possible after use.

Use plow-bottom paint

Did you know that you can maintain your tillage tools like moldboard plows and keep them clean and shiny for a long time using plow-bottom paint? A plow-bottom paint is a flat black paint that is sold at implement dealers. Spray the paint directly on the plow bottoms or other ground-engaging surfaces. The paint stays on during storage but gently peels off when it hits the soil, leaving a shiny surface again.

Waxing machinery annually

Using a good-quality automotive wax or protectant, apply it on all parts of your farm equipment to keep it protected from dust, dirt and rust.

Use grease bearings

before storing equipment for the season, bearings and other moving parts of the machinery must be greased. This will help water and humidity from corroding the bearings.

Hang up hydraulic tips

One of the most popular areas where corrosion is quite common in hydraulic fittings. When it comes to unhooking hydraulic hoses from the tractor, many farm equipment users simply place them on the ground until they are used next time. This results in the connection part getting rusty which then doesn’t fit the next time you hook them. Once unhooked, hoses must be hung up and their tips must be kept off the ground.

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