There is no surprise that water issues have been a harsh reality for many Edmonton farm owners. Even though you may think that Edmonton has plenty of water resources, there are still times when Edmonton farmers can face the wrath of water scarcity due to poorly managed water systems. Thanks to water pumps, many issues pertaining to the scarcity of water have been evaded in modern times. Although the concept of pumps was introduced in human society by Egyptians much early in 2000 BC, the first version of the modern-day water pump can be traced back to 1475 where a Brazilian soldier and historian of science constructed the first machine pump.

Although a water pump comprises of a very simple mechanical process, it is regarded to be one of the most innovative technologies of its time. Water pumps work on a simple technology wherein they draw water from the underground water source and supply them wherever necessary. In most industrial and rural areas where there is a dearth of direct water sources, transfer pumps are used to eradicate problems related to the scarcity of water and have helped to create sustainable solutions for water shortage issues. Water pumps and the attached transfer pumps can be used for numerous agricultural, light commercial or residential tasks. These include water for irrigation, lawn sprinkling, distribution of pesticides and fertilizers or even draining shallow flooded areas, among other things.

Transfer pumps are the best option for dealing with flooded areas, sprinkling, draining of a water pond, etc. One thing to remember is that the area being drained has to be free from debris, although transfer pumps can do their job efficiently even in the presence of smaller debris. A good quality transfer pump, for instance, can transport thousands of litres of water in an hour, while offering the head of over 20 metres. Because of its ability to draw water several metres high, it can be used in various situations.

Most transfer pumps used in industrial and agricultural settings are constructed using durable raw materials to ensure maximum performance and longevity. Usually, their construction is quite rugged and is made from heavy-duty steel, which protects the engine and pumps from all sides. Pumps utilize diesel, petrol and even electricity to function. Another popular type of pumps are submersible pumps. Submersible pumps help to avoid the issue from priming and work as an excellent option for farming. As they work just like a transfer pump and also have similar advantages, ideally you must look for vertical delivery head and vertical suction in them.

In short, if your area experiences a water shortage, or you are looking for water transfer solutions, using a water pump is the best option for you. To buy the best quality water pump, farm equipment or to know more about alternator repairs in Edmonton, contact O.T.S Auto Electric. Their knowledgeable and experienced crew can guide you through any questions and queries you may have. Call today for a free consultation.