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DISC 650

  • Three point hitch mount
  • Disc is equipped with a gas spring which allows it to move around an obstacle and rebound back in place.
  • Hooks to tractor hydraulic outlets, requires a minimum of 18 litres per minute.
  • Hydraulic side shift
  • Twin Pivoting Blades
  • 24″ cutting diameter
  • Adjustable depth and float
  • Works great on rough and uneven surfaces

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This mower is designed and built to provide excellent mowing around trees and fence posts. The independent hydraulic system operates the disc, which rebounds automatically after encountering an obstacle. The disc is aligned with the mower offering an additional 2 feet of mowing. The flail hammer blades are designed for mowing grass and small trees and shrubs, just tie the disc back and attack those overgrown areas.

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FCH Flail Collector

The FCH Flail Collector combines the technology and mulching of the flail mower with a an attached all in one collector. When the collector is full, simply drive to where you want to dump the collector. Open the door of the collector and the collector empties on its own. No need to get off the tractor. Perfect for tractors in the 28HP to 60HP range

 tractor attachments Edmonton

Rough Cut Mower

The DSN line of mowers are suited for cutting grass, small trees and light scrub. The mowers come in 4 foot, 5 foot 3 inch and 7 foot cutting widths.

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Flail Mowers

O.T.S. Auto Electric carries two styles of conventional Flail Mowers, the Value Jam series and the Heavy Duty NBM series. These mowers are great for mowing grass and small trees. With three staggered rows of cutting teeth, not a blade of grass is missed. Great for Tractors in the 15HP to 55 HP range.

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Topper Mowers

The TM line of mowers are great for mowing large tracks of grass. These mowers come in 5 and 6 foot widths.

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Finishing Mower

The GLFM mowers feature a lower profile, side shift for easy maneuverability under and raround obstacles. Features include 6 pivoting mower blades, 3 point Cat I, front swivel wheels and hydraulic side shift.

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The FM series of finishing mowers are perfect for mowing lawns and large tracks of grass. With options for rear or side discharge your property will look fantastic with relative ease on your part.

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Boom/Verge Mowers

Features: Boom mowers are designed to mow slopes and ditches while your tractor remains on the flat surface. With hydraulic side shift you can mow behind or beside your tractor and around obstacles such as trees. The hydraulic shift combined with vertical and horizontal angle movement makes these mowers extremely versatile. The three rows of hammer blades can go from mowing grass to cutting small trees(up to 3″ diameter) and shrubs.

Northwind Commercial/Heavy Duty Mowers
Additional Features:
Extra Heavy Duty 3 point Hitch Frame
Italian CMR Gear Box
Slip Clutch PTO Shaft
Double Spiral Rotor
Heavy Duty Hammer Blades.

 tractor attachments Edmonton
 tractor attachments Edmonton
Cutting width 180cm 5’11” 200cm 6’6.5” 220cm 7’3” 250cm 8’2”
Tilt-up angle 90 degrees 90 degrees 90 degrees 90 degrees
Tilt-down angle 55 degrees 55 degrees 55 degrees 55 degrees
Vertical Extending Distance 218cm 7 feet 238cm 7 feet 9 inches 258cm 8 feet 6 inches 278 cm 9 feet
Horizontal Extending Distance 234.5cm 7 feet 8 inches 234.5 cm 7 feet 8 inches 234.5 cm 7 feet 8 inches 234.5 cm 7 feet8 inches
PTO Speed 540 CAT II 540 CATII 540 CAT II 540 CATII
Weight 705 kg/1554 lb 735 kg/1620 lb 804 kg/1773 lb 860 kg/1896 lb
Number of Flails 16 18 20 20
Tractor HP 65-110HP 80-110 HP 90-120 HP 90-120 HP

Northwind Medium Duty Boom/Verge Mower These medium duty Boom mowers come in two sizes and are perfect for smaller tractors.

Hydraulic Side Shift Yes Yes
PTO 540 540
Mowing Width 139cm 4’6” 139cm 4’6”
Tractor HP 25-45hp 25-45hp
 tractor attachments Edmonton
 tractor attachments Edmonton
 tractor attachments Edmonton
 tractor attachments Edmonton