Maschio Extreme 2



HTI alternative feeder

Ideal for short and dry chopped straw and for picking up delicate, leafy forage – like alfalfa – without damaging

HTR rotor

Featuring high rotary capacity, the rotor feeds the chamber quickly and continuously, maintaining high forward speeds even when tackling large volumes of hay or straw. The rotor, featuring blades in a double spiral arrangement, distributes the crop evenly in the chamber.

CUT rotor 13 HTC knives

The cutting system comprising of 13 knives chops the material as it is picked up, producing a crop length of around 77 mm. Crop cutting ensures greater pick-up efficiency and makes the best use of the baling chamber.

ULTRACUT Rotor 25 HTU knives

The high number of knives means it can cut hay to a length of 45 mm. Ideal for green crops to be used as silage, it improves fermentation and reduces mixing time in the mixer wagon.

Fewer blockages for improved performance

The term productivity has become an important buzzword in farming, especially when it comes to harvesting. Given that the windows of opportunity for this sort of work are increasingly short, every minute saved is important. The drop floor is designed to help prevent blockages resulting from excessive material, and allow you to clear any plugs quickly, making the operator’s job easier by providing an effortless solution to the issue without having to get out of the tractor cab.

3 steps for clearing blockages

step 1 lower the drop floor

If there is a blockage, the PTO sounds to alert the operator that the feed channel is blocked. The floor can be lowered hydraulically from the comfort of the tractor cab.

step 2 restart the PTO

With the drop floor hydraulically lowered, the operator must engage the PTO once or twice to help the rotor discharge the material that has built up inside.

step 3 lift the drop floor

Once the blockage has been cleared,
the operator lifts the drop floor
and can resume


A new concept in haymaking

All models in the EXTREME range come as standard with the VARIABLE GEOMETRY system, which enables the round baler to combine the winning features of a variable chamber machine with the advantages of its fixed chamber counterpart, resulting in what, for all intents and purposes, can be termed a hybrid round baler. The crop can be baled straight away, per the variable chamber design, though there is also the option of creating an empty space – by lifting the tensioning arm – thus allowing the soft core and classic star shape to form, just like in a fixed chamber round baler.

In variable chamber round balers, the pressing arm starts compressing the incoming crop immediately, as there is just one pressure setting per bale. With the VARIABLE GEOMETRY system, the pressing arm can stay lifted, creating a pre-chamber – in other words, an empty space – which is filled with loose material up to a maximum diameter of 1.10 m, just like in a fixed chamber with rollers.

Easy adjustment for any moisture content


Core density:
100% hard core – wrapping


  • Store outdoors
  • Less crop waste


Core density:
100% soft core


  • Quicker moisture loss
  • Less fermentation


Core density:
50% soft core


  • Perfect preservation
  • Less fermentation


Core density:
100% hard core


  • High bale weight
  • Unbeatable efficiency in handling


Forage experts

Made in Italy, our brand is recognized around the world for offering a guarantee of quality, and DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) products are the best of the best of Italy’s farmed foods. Italy is actually the European country with the highest number of PDO and PGI farmed foods recognized by the European Union. For example, in the haymaking sector, producing a healthy product provides the assurance that animals in the sheds will be healthy and produce a constant supply of excellent-quality milk and meat.

Being able to keep the rocker arm lifted and create the pre-chamber brings huge advantages, such as being able to handle any kind of crop and moisture content. Low density in the middle of the bale allows excess moisture to escape and helps disperse heat in the event
of fermentation.

Advantages in the drying room

Another advantage of the pre-chamber is that it is a great way to promote bale drying in the drying room, making it easier for warm air to get inside.

What issues can we reduce with variable geometry?

Spontaneous combustion

Bales formed with a moisture content that is too high tend to ferment and generate heat, with a greater risk of fire.


Unwanted fermentation and mold formation can compromise the health of animals and the quality of their milk.

Practicality and high performance all in one machine

EXTREME Series 2 is Maschio Gaspardo’s Hybrid round baler, striking a perfect balance between high performance and unbeatable ease of use. The machine has been designed to deliver the greatest combination of bale densities and sizes. Settings are easily managed by the operator without leaving the tractor cab using the ICON monitor, either by means of the 10 programs or a custom control system tailored to the farmer’s needs


New completely revamped and updated ICON control unit

New pivoting wheels with case-hardened bushes as standard

New drop floor for reducing machine downtime in the field due to blockages

Comes with European Type Approval

ICON control unit for controlling:

  • Bale diameter and pre-chamber formation
  • Pressure during processing
  • 10 preset programs
  • Automatic greasing
  • Cutting system
  • Drop floor

Automatic greasing (optional extra)

With the automatic centralized lubrication system, maintenance times are reduced considerably, boosting work efficiency and reducing breakages, ensuring the machine is always perfectly greased.

Even feeding (optional extra)

The roller baffle compressing the windrow has been completely revamped and updated. Working width has been increased to accommodate even the widest windrows, while the combination of the new profile and the shock-absorbing system makes feeding the machine that much easier.

Bale diameter mm 500-1650 500-1800
Pickup mm 2200 2200
Binding type Twine-net-Twine/net-Wrap Twine-net-Twine/net-Wrap
PTO rpm 540 540
Weight kg 3000/3830 3050/3880
Power hp 60/80 65/85

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