Maschio Entry Level

ENTRY 120 – 150

Fixed Chamber with bars

Compact and affordable, the ENTRY 120 (4’x4’) and ENTRY 150 (4’x5’) models are a good match for 40 HP and 50 HP tractors, respectively. The bale sizes produced by ENTRY balers are easy to handle with a compact tractor or a skid loader. The self-lubricating chain makes for very easy machine maintenance. ENTRY balers can be ordered with twine tie, net wrap, or combo net and twine. The 79” extra-wide pick-up makes it easy to work large or uneven swaths.

Maschio Round Balers

MASCHIO round balers are designed for the maximum flexibility and reliability in all conditions. The baling chamber is equipped with a sturdy, reliable chain system, and is versatile enough to deal with a wide range of material: from delicate premium hay and moist fodder, to tough crops like cornstalks and straw. If you are looking for long life, high work capacity and perfectly shaped, compact, heavyweight bales, MASCHIO round balers are worth the investment.

If you are looking for a sturdy and reliable baler that incorporates high performance with ease of use, look no further than ENTRY, the new MASCHIO chain-operated fixed-chamber baling machine. Its many features include an innovative frame with compound structure; newly designed door hinge, which improves coupling of the chain bearing sliding guides; an automatic chain tensioner; 79” wide standard pick-up; and a high-efficiency secondary feeder derived from the more advanced EXTREME model.

Feed System

79” Extra Wide Pick-up

Ideal for short and dry mulched straw or to harvest delicate short and brittle fodder without damaging it.

Binding System

Two binding systems available: twine and net. The Entry round baler can be equipped with binding devices that are ideal for your work.

Conveyor Chain Clutch

A mechanically operated clutch will disengage the conveyor chain when the tailgate is open. This reduces chain stress, noise, and the chance for damage, while increasing the life of the baler and overall safety.

Maximum Yield

This machine was designed with the user in mind, incorporating excellent productivity and reliability with low costs and ease of use. High productivity is achieved by efficient, carefully designed machinery, allowing for a fast work pace at low horsepower. Baling silage, fodder, and straw are demanding tasks that require precision engineering. The baling process must be efficient yet gentle with the fodder as the bale is compressed to the right size and density.

Preventing Baler Damage

Built-in Feeding System Safety

If the operator accidentally continues to feed the chamber after the target density has been reached, two safety features are built-in to prevent baler damage. 1. The pickup shear bolt only stops the pickup. The rotor feeder and chamber remain powered. 2. The rotor feeder shear bolt stops the pickup and rotor feeder, while the chamber remains powered. Note: These shear bolts are not pictured here, but both are easily accessible on the left side of the pickup.

Technical Details

The ENTRY model is a modestly priced, high performance machine for small to mid-sized farms and is suitable for harvesting all types of products. A variety of mechanical features simplify work and maintenance, making it easy to use.


Visible STOP light and audible alarm to indicate when a bale has reached its targeted density. One switch engages the binding from the operator’s seat.


Bale counter with reset button to track your daily output.


Up to 190 bars (2,755 psi).



The secondary feeder gently guides fodder from the fast-moving pick-up teeth to the bale chamber, preserving the crop’s structure and ensuring highly nutritious bales. This feature also produces even bales without the need to weave along the windrow. Additional benefits include making it easier to start a new bale, reduced clogging, and improved hay and straw quality.


By adjusting the pick-up cam, you can improve feeding efficiency for different types of crops and moisture levels. Rotating the tines away from the rotor (A) improves feeding in wet conditions. Rotating the tines closer to the rotor (B) improves feeding in dry conditions.


After unloading, the bale ejector kicks the bale out of range of the chamber’s closing door, letting you get right back to work.


Thanks to the MASCHIO automatic lubrication system, all the machine’s transmission chains are constantly lubricated, lengthening the life and improving the performance of the round baler.

Agile And Handy

MASCHIO balers are designed to facilitate maintenance, ensuring quality bales over the machine’s long lifetime. Their efficient design, utilizing a small number of drive chains, makes for less wasted energy and low horsepower requirements. ENTRY is a small, yet durable round baler for use with low horsepower tractors. Its size makes it perfect for narrow spaces and steep slopes.